Disinfection frame  SAFETY GATE

Due to the current situation the world is facing, we decided to help by creating SAFETY GATE. Used in conjunction with other sanitising and good hygiene strategies, SAFETY GATE offers a frontline defence against COVID-19 by ensuring that staff, customers, commuters, shoppers, travellers etc. are properly sanitised at mass entry and exit points to office buildings, factories, mines, malls, train/bus stations, taxi ranks, airports and banks…etc.

How it works

SAFETY GATE is equipped with an infrared sensor and activates when an individual approaches.
The disinfection tunnel is a special construction consisting of a stailess steel structure with roof and sidewalls, which is equipped with a nozzle system. The nozzle line are connected to an external pumping station, which directs the disinfectant into the individual nozzles. These ensure the dispersion of the disinfectant into many tiny particles, which form a very fine mist that settles on all surfaces such as clothing, shoes or other objects in the tunnel. SAFETY GATE is equipped with an IR thermometer with a hight temperature alarm.
Tank capacity: 35 L
Time required to disinfect a person: 7 seconds
Number of people per hour: 500 PAX
Consumption per hour: 5 liters
Number of people per tank: 2,500 PAX

Triple protection

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